Hard to believe that Derby is less than 2 weeks away. All Day Wristband Vouchers are available until Monday May 23rd from our Royalty Court Candidates. So if you know one of those running please support their efforts before they have to turn everything back in.
Other locations to purchase tickets include:
Chamber of Commerce Office (265 W. Elm)
The Thrift Store
Guzman Tires
The Pink Parlor
Wee Town Day Care
Jiffy Store
and Save Mart.
We have sent Butler and actual surveyed map of the park and given them specific areas that we have requested they load with rides and activities. We are anticipating over 20 rides this year which is up considerably from years past. Please be aware that Butler Rides do not allow anyone under the height of 32″ to ride. That is their minimum requirement (may be taller for some of the bigger rides).
Because of this we have also contracted with the company who has the Zippy Pets (from Mardi Gras) and they will be here Friday, Saturday & Sunday with 4 rides including Thomas the Train, WOW water balls, VR Roller Coasters and the Zippy Pets. None of these rides have any height restrictions however they are NOT a part of Butler amusements so their fee is completely separate. I know it is difficult but we just wanted to make sure that we had something for every age and size.
So get out and get your vouchers before the price goes up on opening day. Pre-purchase is $29 and once the park opens it is $35.
Thank you all- Its going to be a wonderful weekend!