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Community Service Awards

It is that time of year when you, the Citizens of our Community, get to put in names of individuals and businesses you feel deserve to be Nominated for a Community Service Award in the following categories:
Volunteer of the Year
Business of the Year
Citizen of the Year
Winners will be announced and awarded their Honor at our Annual Community Service Awards Banquet on Saturday February 4th 2023 at Harris Ranch Grand Ballroom.
Application for Nominations and full information will be posted on all of our websites and available in our Office by this Friday Dec. 9th so please be on the lookout and be thinking of who you feel best deserves these Honors.
You are the ones who see and interact with these people and businesses on a daily basis and there is NO ONE better qualified to make the nominations than YOU, our community members, so please submit names you want nominated along with the reason they are deserving of this honor, so that they can hopefully earn a place on the final ballots.
Top 3 nominees in each candidate make the final ballot from which community business partners who are a part of the Chamber of Commerce will select the winners so it is important you explain what they have done to be deserving of this award. Our business partners and members may not know your nomination personally or have had the opportunity to see first hand what they have done to earn the nomination, so the information and reason you provide is what they will be provided on the final ballot when they cast their votes. YOUR explanation can make all the difference in who wins.
Deadline for submissions will be Wednesday December 21st at 3pm. Thank you all for your input. Keep your eyes out. I will get the applications up ASAP (possibly even today) but no later than this Friday Dec. 9th. I am currently on a short vacation but want everyone to be on the lookout for this information as it is a very important event.
Completed nomination forms can be dropped off at the office and/or left in our secured mailbox left of door. Or emailed to me at
As your Chamber Director this is by far one of the best things I get to do on your behalf. To recognize some of the best our community has is a great honor and my team will work hard to make sure its an event worthy of their achievements.
Thank you all for your participation.