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Events on the Community Calendar are color coded. The colors and their meanings are listed below. As always, We are open to suggestion and improvements. Just shoot a message to us!

Herb's Kitchen is a Saturday dinner for anyone who shows up. The meal is prepared by volunteers from various churches. The volunteers rotate weekly. Absolutely everyone is welcome to the dinners. The event is named "Herb's Kitchen" in honor of Herb Watanabe, an earlier Coalinga Resident who cared deeply about others. The dinners are served at Chapel Grace on the corner of Hawthorn and Fifth Streets.

Celebrate Recovery dinner is mostly free. There is a donation suggested, but if someone is in need, they will receive a dinner regardless of their ability or inability to pitch in with a donation. Those are held at Please Valley Christian Center on the corner of Cedar and Fourth Street

The Elks have a Fish Fry on the third Friday of each month at 200 Cambridge Street. 

Eagles also have a Fish Fry on the ___ Friday of each month. 

Coalinga offers a variety of self-help meetings. Some, like Celebrate Recovery, are faith-based. Others are more loosely faith-based. 

For information about Alateen, please text Kristen at (559) 736-4512.

For information about Sexaholics Anonymous, please contact or Gary at (559) 289-3377.

Presbyterian Church is the office associated with the "anonymous" groups. That phone number is 559-935-3245.

Coalinga City Council meetings are usually on the first and third Thursday of each month. They begin at 6 PM in Council Chambers at 155 West Durian Street.

Coalinga-Huron Recreation & Parks District Board Meetings are also on Thursday nights. Dates and locations will be posted as we discover them. Those locations alternate between Coalinga and Huron Rec Centers.

Coalinga-Huron Unified School District Board meetings are held on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 PM. Those locations also alternate between Huron and Coalinga. Information on CHUSD issues can often be learned by calling the district office: 559-935-7500.

From Horned Toad Derby to Street Fairs and Farmers' Market, Coalinga has its share of 'dancing the streets.'

The Coalinga Library is sponsoring Wednesday Nights in September as street fair for the community. 

These are not the repeated, regular meetings for Coalinga. These are special meetings called by an entity, sometimes not local, but to discuss local issues or concerns. Two such meetings coming up are the West Hills Open House and the Fresno County Transportation meeting. Check it out!

Check out these activities and events

hosted or co-sponsored

by Coalinga Chamber of Commerce!

Horned Toad Derby Parade
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Our annual gala is an evening to celebrate local success and leadership. Attendees enjoy fine cuisine, a series of raffled donated gift baskets, the presentation of business and community awards, and an opportunity to network with others in the community. It is usually held at the end of January or the beginning of February.

Coalinga celebrates Memorial Day with a carnival, parade, and many other activities for the whole family. Derby is usually held on the same weekend as Memorial Day often spanning from Thursday evening until Monday afternoon. On Friday evening there is usually a crowning of the Derby Queen, Princesses, and Princes which is earned by contenders who sell the most derby tickets in advance. A city-wide parade usually occurs on Saturday morning at 10 AM. From there, the Derby itself takes center stage offering performances from various local groups and also traveling talent brought in for the event. The Horned Toad races are the cornerstone of the festival. On Monday, there is usually a water fight using the fire department’s hoses. This is an excellent activity for all ages.

This city-wide event was started in 2021 by the City of Coalinga. The two-day event was held on the weekend of July 4. We hope to be co-sponsors of the celebration in the future. The first celebration featured cornhole competitions, vendors, food trucks, and fireworks. Who knows what the next year will bring!

The first Tuesday of August is “National Night Out.” Coalinga usually celebrates this with a carnival street fair type of event. Local businesses, crafters, artists, performers and foodsters have an opportunity to promote their businesses and residents are encouraged to join the fun. The event is geared to build community relationships and spotlights a positive relationship with law enforcement and first responders. 

This year, Coalinga Chamber of Commerce is working with others in the community to provide a ceremony to commemorate the September 11 attack on our nation. Watch for details. 

Although the date may change, Coalinga Fest is held October 23 this year. The event is a street fair with side show performances and competitions. Vendors, Food Trucks, local businesses are all welcome to participate. 

Veterans Day is a somber reminder for all of us; a reminder of those who served our nation and gave so much so that others can live free. There is usually a series of events: Flag raising at sunrise at Veterans’ Triangle, Ceremony at 11 AM, usually at Frame Park. There is a separate ceremony at Pleasant Valley Cemetery during the morning. At sunset, the flag is lowered.

Often held at the Coalinga hub (Coalinga High School Building) the Christmas Holiday Boutique offers an opportunity for local businesses, crafters, food fans, and performers to shine. The evening is when an annual Night-time Christmas Parade is held downtown. After this, “Santa Claus” turns on the lights that adorn the town Christmas Tree at the corner of Fifth Street and Sunset. 


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