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Coalinga Community Events

Playing hits throughout the afternoon

Fun for the kiddos! At the intersection of Durian Street and Fifth. This will occur four times.





On stage near clock tower on Coalinga Plaza.

12:30 – 1:30 PM Rick Spradling

2:30 – 3:30 PM Ruby Davalos (Español)

4 – 5:30 PM Rocio y su Sonora (Español)

7 – 9 PM Faithfully Live!

2:00-2:30 1st Round

2:30-3:00 2nd Round

3:00-3:30 3rd Round

3:30-4:00 4th Round

4:00-4:30 5th Round

4:30-5:00 6th Round

5:00-5:30 7th Round

5:30-6:00 8th Round

6:00-6:30 9th Round

6:30-7:00 Championship Round

Probably on grass near Library

1:45 CHS Drama

3:45 CHS Choir

5:30 Zumba

5:45 CHS Cheerleaders

6:15 Folklorico Dancers

6:45 CHS Drama


Sponsored by Coalinga Library and will probably be held in or near the library.

$8 for all day bouncing (Noon-9 PM)

$5 after 5 PM

Planned to be located on Durian Street near city hall. 

Beer purchase area is near Frame park. Attendees are free to carry drinks with them throughout the marked off area of the festival – from Elm/Fifth to the other end and all of Durian Street.  Money raised through beer sales goes to Coalinga Scholarships for CHS students.
Watch for changes or modifications to details.

Watch Mascots from CHS and WHC battle it out in a good old fashioned dance contest. Time to be announced later. 

Fire Trucks

Police Cars


Triple J


And who knows? 
Trucks and cars for children to explore.

Put someone in Jail!

Or bail them out!

Proceeds go to Give Me Love Animal Shelter (75%) and imaginarium (25%)

Both are local nonprofits serving the community. 

Noon DJ Horn

12:15 Piñata • Durian Street

12:30 Rick Spradling on main stage


DJ Horn

12:30-1:30 Rick Spradling  • Main Stage

1:45 CHS Drama • Durian Street Intersection


DJ Horn

2:00 1st Round Corn Hole Tournament

2:15 Piñata

2:30 2nd Round Corn hole Tournament

2:30 PM Ruby Davalos • main Stage


3:00 3rd Round Corn hole Tournament

3:30 4th Round Corn Hole Tournament

3:45 CHS Choir


4:00 5th Round Corn Hole Tournament

4:00 – 5:30 Rocio y su sonora • Main Stage

4:15 Piñata

4:30 6th Round Corn Hole Tournament


5:00 7th Round Corn Hole Tournament

5:00 Trunks 4 Treats • Near City Hall on Durian

5:30 Zumba • Durian Street Intersection

5:30 8th Round Corn Hole Tournament

5:45 CHS Cheerleaders


DJ Horn

6:00 9th Round Corn Hole Tournament

6:15 Folklorico Dancers

6:30 Corn Hole Championship 

6:30 DJ Horn

6:45 CHS Drama



7 PM Faithfully Live! 

A tribute band honoring Journey. Main Stage

DJ Horn


Food Trucks

Bounce House

Trucks & Car for Kids


Beer Garden