Coalinga Chamber of Commerce

Vision • Leadership • Opportunity

Hello fellow business owners. I would like to introduce myself. I am Scott Netherton and I am the owner  of Reel Time Entertainment, the Movie Cinema here in Coalinga. I am also very proud to have recently  been selected to be the new Executive Director for your Coalinga Area Chamber of Commerce. 


Being a business owner myself, I understand how devastating 2020 and this pandemic has and continues  to be for almost all our local businesses. At the Chamber, we are dedicated to being Champions for our  business partners and we want you to know that we are here to support, promote and assist any way  possible to ensure that our members have access to the information and assistance needed to once again  become the leaders and driving force behind this community. We are the heartbeat of Coalinga. And our  beat has never been stronger.  


We are currently working on a membership drive and recreating a list of all past, present and hopefully  future Chamber Partners. Understanding the financial hardship you have been through, we have reduced  our membership rate for the balance of 2021 to hopefully be at a price that is affordable and enables your  business to become a member. 


If you are uncertain exactly what the Chamber of Commerce is about, I hope you will take a moment and  read the attached information that will explain how becoming a member can not only benefit your  business, but also the Community. As a Chamber Partner, we become a team, committed to the success of  our local businesses and to providing incredible events and activities for the people and community we  serve. 


I am honored to be the new Director, and I sincerely hope that you will consider becoming a proud  member of the Coalinga Chamber of Commerce. 


Membership Vitals Sheet: 


As we work hard to update our Resource Guide and  website information, please complete the form on sheet 2 and return to the Chamber Office at 265 W. Elm Ave, or  Contact me at (559) 707-7525 and I will be happy to stop  by and pick up your information sheet. Even if you  choose not to become a member at this time, I would like  to still ask that you complete the information so that our  community database is as complete and accurate as  possible. If you would like to become a Member, please  attach payment and a receipt will be returned for tax  purposes. We sincerely appreciate your consideration and  we look forward to building a stronger and brighter future for our community and our businesses. Please feel free to  contact me anytime for any reason.

It’s more than just a Coalinga Chamber of Commerce Membership Application… Help us collect information to revitalize our records and systems. We need your help in putting information together. 

Listed below are some of the services, functions and events sponsored by your  Coalinga Area Chamber of Commerce for the benefit of you, your business and  our community. 

1) New Member Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Press Coverage and Picture 

2) Community Resource Guide (Members Only) 

3) Relocation Packages 

4) Certificates of Origin 

5) Certificates of Free Sale 

6) Community and Visitor Information Center 

7) Community Relations 

8) Community Calendar of Events 

9) Free Telephone Directories 

10) Coalinga City Maps 

11) Monthly Mailer / Flyer Ads: Members $25, Non members $50 

12) Weekly Chamber Corner / Members Free Event Listing 

13) Business Referral Service 

14) Business Card Office Display (Members Only) 

15) Coalinga Area Chamber of Commerce Website (Members Only Listed) 

16) Bulk Rate Usage: Postage, Discount / 200 + Copies 

17) Networking and Community Project Involvement 

18) Business of the Week highlighted on Website (Members Only) 

19) Regular Email Blast Announcements 

20) Employee / Employer Legislative Information 

21) Member Appreciation Christmas Open House / Mixer 

22) Business Membership Open House & Mixers 

23) Member Discount on Booth Space at Chamber Events

There’s never been such a great deal! Take advantage of these low prices and help us build up our organization so we can all enjoy a stronger local economy. 

Annual Community Events Sponsored by Your Coalinga Area Chamber of Commerce:  

1) Annual Community Service Awards Banquet and Auction in February


2) Horned Toad Derby & Parade (Memorial Day Weekend) Member Vendor Fee Discount 3) 4th of July: Let Freedom Ring Celebration Participation 


4) National Night Out Participation 1st Tuesday In August 


5) Veteran’s Day Parade and Program Participation @ Frame Park 


6) 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony honoring First Responders at Memorial Park 


7) Annual CoalingaFest in October, Member Vendor Fee Discount 


8) Annual Christmas Boutique in December, Member Vendor Fee Discount