Derby is in 2 days

Good Morning Everyone.
Derby is but 2 days away so your Coalinga Chamber of Commerce Office will not be open as we are moving on-site to the park today.
If you need Derby Wristband Vouchers please see one of our amazing local businesses that are selling them. Don’t Forget that as of 11:59am Friday Morning, the tickets go up to $35 each so save yourself $6 per voucher by pre-purchasing them at one of the stores listed below. Thank you All. Its going to be an AMAZING weekend.

Ticket Voucher Purchase Locations:
Guzman Tires
The Thrift Store
Jiffy Gas Station
Plants & Things
The Pink Parlor
Wee-Town Day Care
and Save Mart Supermarket

I will be making a lot of posts over the next 48 hours with a lot of reminders and information about this weekends events. Parade participants will be notified tomorrow morning of precise locations and times to arrive. Finishing the line-up today.
Also, BED RACE PARTICIPANTS!! Please get your Applications emailed to me at or take a picture and send to me at (559) 961-6520. Again there is no fee to enter and applications for all of our events can be found at the top of our website at under “Coalinga Horned Toad Derby 2022”. Just click on the application you need, print it, fill it out and get it back to me asap. I know of a couple organizations who have said they will be participating but I haven’t received their forms yet so please email or send them to my phone.

Thank you all and have a great Hump Day!

HUGE shout out to all of our Horned Toad Derby Royalty Candidates

I want to give a HUGE shout out to all of our Horned Toad Derby Royalty Candidates. Such an amazing job they did pre-selling wristbands for the Carnival. Between 15 candidates they sold over 2,350+ vouchers. AMAZING job.

They all deserve to wear the Crowns but only one in each Category can. So Please join us at Olsen Park Friday at 6:30pm to see the winners crowned. Their hard work and effort make everything we do possible. Thank you.

For those who didn’t get their vouchers from our Royalty applicants, its not too late. There are still several locations in the community that will be selling discounted tickets right up til the last minute at 11:59am Friday May 27th.

Those stores include:

The Thrift Store
Wee Town Day
Guzman Tires
Plants & Things
The Pink Parlor

And of Course, Save Mart Supermarket All Day Unlimited Butler Rides for $29 if purchased before Derby begins. Once the Park Opens the price is $35Thank you again to All of our Candidates. And Good Luck to All.

CSA Cornhole Tournament

Don’t miss out on the fun! Spots go quickly so get your team signed up! Either sign up by emailing or by sending payment to Venmo @seanbrewer22 with team name

Parade Applications Due

Good Morning Everyone.
This Friday May 21st at 6pm is the last time anyone may turn in information to be entered into our Memorial Day Parade Event.
There is NO fee to enter and we want all youth groups, church families, sports teams, school activities and community organizations represented as possible.
I am attaching the application below.
ALL entries are required to have a flag on their float. I was strongly told that Caltrans will NEVER close down a state highway for us to have the 85th (or 185th) Annual Horned Toad Derby- but they will shut it down for us to have a Memorial Day Parade. So flags are required in recognition of the federal holiday.
PLEASE note that along with your application, if there is a vehicle involved, we must have a copy of insurance card as well as copy of drivers license for the person who will be driving the vehicle. This stays in our file and is not shared with any external departments. We are simply required by Caltrans to have these documents on file since the parade will be taking place on Elm Street which is a state highway. If you are unable to stop by our office at 265 W. Elm to drop off your information, you are welcome to email it to me or take a picture and send the application, drivers license and insurance card to my phone and I will be happy to print it out and get you entered.
Also, I am trying very hard to get Avenal Band over to participate in our Parade. In the past Bands were a big part of every parade. That has suffered over the years do to covid and budget cuts. We want to begin making our Memorial Day Parade and Horned Toad Derby Festival a “go to event” for nearby school groups. However, their band is not able to March this year but their instructor would love to have them on a float playing in the parade. By next year they hope to be able to March in full force.
If anyone out there has a trailer in great working order they would be willing to permit the Avenal High School Band to ride on and perform from, PLEASE let me know asap. I would need information and pictures to get to the Principal for “Safety” measures but we really want them to participate and we need your help making it happen. Please reach out to me if you can help. (559) 961-6520.
We are currently sitting at about 55 entries and growing. I want to remind everyone that while this is our Annual Horned Toad Derby Weekend, the parade is in honor and memory of all our Military Men and Women who have ever served who were lost.
Veterans Day honors all who served. Memorial Day honors those who served and never came home to us. Please come out Saturday May 28th 2022 and help show your appreciation for their sacrifice.

Parade Application

Derby is right around the Corner

Hard to believe that Derby is less than 2 weeks away. All Day Wristband Vouchers are available until Monday May 23rd from our Royalty Court Candidates. So if you know one of those running please support their efforts before they have to turn everything back in.
Other locations to purchase tickets include:
Chamber of Commerce Office (265 W. Elm)
The Thrift Store
Guzman Tires
The Pink Parlor
Wee Town Day Care
Jiffy Store
and Save Mart.
We have sent Butler and actual surveyed map of the park and given them specific areas that we have requested they load with rides and activities. We are anticipating over 20 rides this year which is up considerably from years past. Please be aware that Butler Rides do not allow anyone under the height of 32″ to ride. That is their minimum requirement (may be taller for some of the bigger rides).
Because of this we have also contracted with the company who has the Zippy Pets (from Mardi Gras) and they will be here Friday, Saturday & Sunday with 4 rides including Thomas the Train, WOW water balls, VR Roller Coasters and the Zippy Pets. None of these rides have any height restrictions however they are NOT a part of Butler amusements so their fee is completely separate. I know it is difficult but we just wanted to make sure that we had something for every age and size.
So get out and get your vouchers before the price goes up on opening day. Pre-purchase is $29 and once the park opens it is $35.
Thank you all- Its going to be a wonderful weekend!

Memorial Day 5K Sunset Toad Trek Race and 5K City Fun Walk/Run (postponed)

MEMORIAL DAY 5K SUNSET TOAD TREK RACE AND 5K CITY FUN WALK/RUN REGISTRATION Ready for an evening stroll down the creekside while enjoying one of our beautiful sunsets? Ok, so it may be a little dry, no water in the creek, but it is for a good cause and Coalinga does get some beautiful sunsets over them thar’ hills.

Lace up your track shoes and join us for our 5K Sunset Toad Trek Race and 5K family fun walk/run on Saturday May 28th. Details are in the flyer below along with application. The map attached is for the 5K Sunset Toad Trek RACE only, not the 5k City Fun Walk/Run (that map will be added to this post later today).

Medals will be provided to the Top 3 finishers in the 5K Sunset Toad Trek Race for age groups 8-12, 13-17, 18-30, 31-45, 45+ Applications and Flyers for all of our events scheduled along with full Horned Toad Derby Park Details and Schedule of Performances can be found on our website.

Please fill out forms application and email back to me at and an invoice for the fee will be sent. Venmo payment is also available.

It’s going to be a wonderful weekend of family fun and community fellowship. Hope you will all plan to join us.


Coalinga K9 1st Annual Steel Pistol Challenge

The Coalinga Police K9 Foundation is excited to announce their 1st Annual Steel Pistol Challenge!A couple of local organizations I will always try and support are the Coalinga K9 Foundation and Gimme Love Animal Shelter. Both non-profits provide services to our community that are absolutely needed.Please see the Information Attached. If you shoot please participate. If you can donate, please do. This is a service we can not afford to lose.