Good Morning Everyone.
This Friday May 21st at 6pm is the last time anyone may turn in information to be entered into our Memorial Day Parade Event.
There is NO fee to enter and we want all youth groups, church families, sports teams, school activities and community organizations represented as possible.
I am attaching the application below.
ALL entries are required to have a flag on their float. I was strongly told that Caltrans will NEVER close down a state highway for us to have the 85th (or 185th) Annual Horned Toad Derby- but they will shut it down for us to have a Memorial Day Parade. So flags are required in recognition of the federal holiday.
PLEASE note that along with your application, if there is a vehicle involved, we must have a copy of insurance card as well as copy of drivers license for the person who will be driving the vehicle. This stays in our file and is not shared with any external departments. We are simply required by Caltrans to have these documents on file since the parade will be taking place on Elm Street which is a state highway. If you are unable to stop by our office at 265 W. Elm to drop off your information, you are welcome to email it to me or take a picture and send the application, drivers license and insurance card to my phone and I will be happy to print it out and get you entered.
Also, I am trying very hard to get Avenal Band over to participate in our Parade. In the past Bands were a big part of every parade. That has suffered over the years do to covid and budget cuts. We want to begin making our Memorial Day Parade and Horned Toad Derby Festival a “go to event” for nearby school groups. However, their band is not able to March this year but their instructor would love to have them on a float playing in the parade. By next year they hope to be able to March in full force.
If anyone out there has a trailer in great working order they would be willing to permit the Avenal High School Band to ride on and perform from, PLEASE let me know asap. I would need information and pictures to get to the Principal for “Safety” measures but we really want them to participate and we need your help making it happen. Please reach out to me if you can help. (559) 961-6520.
We are currently sitting at about 55 entries and growing. I want to remind everyone that while this is our Annual Horned Toad Derby Weekend, the parade is in honor and memory of all our Military Men and Women who have ever served who were lost.
Veterans Day honors all who served. Memorial Day honors those who served and never came home to us. Please come out Saturday May 28th 2022 and help show your appreciation for their sacrifice.

Parade Application