Derby is right around the Corner

Hard to believe that Derby is less than 2 weeks away. All Day Wristband Vouchers are available until Monday May 23rd from our Royalty Court Candidates. So if you know one of those running please support their efforts before they have to turn everything back in.
Other locations to purchase tickets include:
Chamber of Commerce Office (265 W. Elm)
The Thrift Store
Guzman Tires
The Pink Parlor
Wee Town Day Care
Jiffy Store
and Save Mart.
We have sent Butler and actual surveyed map of the park and given them specific areas that we have requested they load with rides and activities. We are anticipating over 20 rides this year which is up considerably from years past. Please be aware that Butler Rides do not allow anyone under the height of 32″ to ride. That is their minimum requirement (may be taller for some of the bigger rides).
Because of this we have also contracted with the company who has the Zippy Pets (from Mardi Gras) and they will be here Friday, Saturday & Sunday with 4 rides including Thomas the Train, WOW water balls, VR Roller Coasters and the Zippy Pets. None of these rides have any height restrictions however they are NOT a part of Butler amusements so their fee is completely separate. I know it is difficult but we just wanted to make sure that we had something for every age and size.
So get out and get your vouchers before the price goes up on opening day. Pre-purchase is $29 and once the park opens it is $35.
Thank you all- Its going to be a wonderful weekend!

Memorial Day 5K Sunset Toad Trek Race and 5K City Fun Walk/Run

MEMORIAL DAY 5K SUNSET TOAD TREK RACE AND 5K CITY FUN WALK/RUN REGISTRATION Ready for an evening stroll down the creekside while enjoying one of our beautiful sunsets? Ok, so it may be a little dry, no water in the creek, but it is for a good cause and Coalinga does get some beautiful sunsets over them thar’ hills.

Lace up your track shoes and join us for our 5K Sunset Toad Trek Race and 5K family fun walk/run on Saturday May 28th. Details are in the flyer below along with application. The map attached is for the 5K Sunset Toad Trek RACE only, not the 5k City Fun Walk/Run (that map will be added to this post later today).

Medals will be provided to the Top 3 finishers in the 5K Sunset Toad Trek Race for age groups 8-12, 13-17, 18-30, 31-45, 45+ Applications and Flyers for all of our events scheduled along with full Horned Toad Derby Park Details and Schedule of Performances can be found on our website.

Please fill out forms application and email back to me at and an invoice for the fee will be sent. Venmo payment is also available.

It’s going to be a wonderful weekend of family fun and community fellowship. Hope you will all plan to join us.


Coalinga K9 1st Annual Steel Pistol Challenge

The Coalinga Police K9 Foundation is excited to announce their 1st Annual Steel Pistol Challenge!A couple of local organizations I will always try and support are the Coalinga K9 Foundation and Gimme Love Animal Shelter. Both non-profits provide services to our community that are absolutely needed.Please see the Information Attached. If you shoot please participate. If you can donate, please do. This is a service we can not afford to lose.

Sponsor a Horned Toad

If you Own a Business and want to promote it…If you want to recognize or honor someone…Or if you just want to hear your name read out loud at Derby-Consider being a sponsor of one of our Cute Cuddly and Lightning Fast Horned Toads. Your information will be announced when your Toad gets introduced when he/she Races. It is a great way to be a part of the event and promote or recognize someone you love.Horned Toad Races are an amazing part of the Derby Tradition-Sponsor a Toad and become a part of that Tradition!Please fill out and drop off at the Chamber Office with Payment. Its going to a great time. Only a few weeks and we will be off to the Races! (Horned Toad Races!)

Derby Bed Races

Rev up your satin sheets and bolt down your bed pans cuz we need your team in our BED RACES!!Application and Rules are available on our website. We are looking for 8 teams. Teams will compete as the “Pre-Game” Show prior to the Parade to get the crowd excited and ready for the start of a GREAT day. So please, get your teams of 5 together, get your application filled out and turned in, build that bed per rules and be prepared to make some memories (and a lot laughs). Applications available at (Top of the page click on the orange “Horned Toad Derby 2022”)

That Derby Feeling is in the Air

That DERBY feeling is in the Air!!And Derby is for all of our Westside Communities to Celebrate together. We hope Avenal, Huron, Riverdale, Caruthers, Tranquility, Laton and anyone else who wants fantastic family fun will come be a part of the Tradition Memorial Weekend.

Going to send out a lot of reminders and updates over the next 24 hours of things that the Chamber has confirmed for Derby this year. I can’t tell you how excited we are to once again have it on Memorial Day Weekend and to bring back some of the ol’ traditions from yesteryears…

If you are in need of all day wristbands, below are a list of our Royalty Court Candidates. If you recognize one of the names and wish to support their efforts please reach out to them. They are all trying so hard at this. Unlimited Single-Day Wristbands are $29 in advance and $35 as soon as the Carnival begins at 12pm on Friday May 27th so save a few dollars and get yours early.** If you have OLD wristband vouchers, Butler will honor them with no upcharge. If you paid $25 last year and didn’t use it, you can use it this year! A great thing about Butler Amusements is that they hold events all over. If for some reason you buy one for Derby and a child gets sick and can’t use it- Anywhere Butler Amusements is (Fresno Fair, etc) you can use the voucher there as well. So get out and support our Royalty Candidates. This event pretty much funds your Chamber of Commerce for the year so your support makes Coalingafest, Christmas Gala, Mardi Gras, and everything else we do possible. We are here to support and promote local businesses and with all of your help we are going to do great things in our community for a very long time.

** Please Note: I still have not received the list of Rides from Butler Amusements yet with height requirements. I will post as soon as I have that. However I have been told by reliable sources that all of their rides require minimum 32″. I have not yet been able to confirm that with Butler.We DO have a completely separate vendor coming in. They were here for Mardi Gras. They will be bringing the Zippy Pets, Thomas the Train, Water Balls and Virtual Reality Roller Coasters all of which have no height requirements. These however are thru a vendor who will charge separately. The wristband vouchers will NOT be accepted on these 4 rides so if you have REALLY young or small kids, this may be the way you need to go.I am hoping Butler Amusements comes back with better news in the next day or so but I just want everyone to be aware. We brought in this separate vendor to make sure there was something for every age group.

Royalty Court Candidates (In NO particular Order)Please contact one of the parents if you are in need of a wristband or local businesses who are also selling the vouchers are also listed at the bottom. Thanks!

Kylie Rouska (grandmother Sharon Whitted)
Joseph Vargas (parent Allegra Bonilla)
Mariska Nylise (parent Jessica Hurtado)
Tatiana Rodriguez (parent Christina Rodriguez)
Juan Gonzalez Aubriella Rosales (parent Amber Morales)

Hazel Noel Medina-Rosas (parent Maria Medina)
Josephine “JoJo” Vega (parent Suzana Vega)
Celeste Rodriguez (parent Blanca Rodriguez)
Anastasia Cuevas (parent Anahi Contreras)
Joaquin Pimentel (parent Laura Pimentel)
Emmalina Alvarado (parent Janinne Alvarado)
Harli Tiffin (parent Kasie Tiffin)
Joseph Zaragoza (parent Monic Lindsey)
Kamryn Santos (parent Samantha Santos)

If you do not recognize any of these, Tickets can also be purchased by stopping in at the Chamber of Commerce office at 265 W. Elm Avenue (Beside the Museum) or at one of our other business partner locations:
Guzman Tires
Save Mart Supermarket
The Thrift
ShopWee-Town Day Care
The Pink Parlor